What was I doing before I decided to take up Photography?

I was working as an Air Hostess for a major UK Airline

So how did I get started in photography?

I’d always liked photography but it was more of an interest than anything else. In 2009, I lost my job within the Aviation industry due to the recession and ended up working in a Photography Studio on Reception, this is where the doors began to open and photography became a passion!

Who or what influences my photography?

There are lots of influences for me, I absolutely love photographing people. Capturing the emotion of someone is priceless. I don’t have a favourite Photographer, I have learnt to appreciate everyone’s work, because it is their own interpretation of what they see.

A what point did I realise I had a genuine passion for Photography?

When I lost my job in Aviation and started working in the Photography Studio, I would want to talk to the Photographers all the time, asking tips and advice! One of the Photographers suggested that I give it a go!

Do I have a particular style of Photography?

I would say I love using natural light, I love candid shots too.

What has been my most memorable Photographic experience? 

I have been lucky enough to experience many! Varying from newborn shoots to Weddings, I tend to have great memories from all Photography work I have done.

What would I say the biggest misconception about Photography is?

Probably that you ‘just take pictures’ I think people forget about setting up the shoot, the hours of waiting around and the endless hours of editing!

Being a self taught Photographer, what advice can I give anyone looking to get into Photography that doesn’t necessarily have qualifications or experience?

Photography is not just a job, it’s a passion. If you want something bad enough, don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way. Also, sometimes there will be people who challenge you because you’ve not studied it, but from personal experience I have found that, some things can not be taught.

I have a real passion for Photographing people, what is about taking pictures of people that inspires me, or that I enjoy?

I love the fact that a photo can capture so much, the feelings, the mood etc. People fail to realise that emotion is not just shown on the face, but also through actions and body language, that is what I love to capture.